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WATCH REVIEW Rolex Datejust 116200

Editor's opinion
72 / 100
Let’s go over one of the Rolex Watch-making classics : the Datejust. A multitask watch with some out of fashion dimensions.
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Rolex Datejust 116200

Ref.: 116200
$4,635.00 US retail price May 14th, 2010
  • timelessness and reliability
  • multitasking
  • the two-colored date (red for odd days / black for even days)
  • the polished strap that is easily scratched and glistens
  • the impossibility to adjust alone the strap
Brand Rolex
Model name
Case material
Case diameter (without crown)
36 mm
Case diameter (crown included)
38 mm
Movement type
Base Caliber
Sapphire glass
Power reserve
Transparent back
Lug width
20 mm
Length from lug to lug
42 mm
Case thickness
12 mm
Clasp type
Deployment clasp
Clasp material
Total weight
133 grammes
Retail price USA at May 14th, 2010
Comfort (/15) 15
Movement (/20) 12
Movement Optimisation / Garnishment (/5) 3.5
Ease of handling and adjustment (/5) 5
Movement control proceeded by the Manufacture / horlogical awards (/3) 2
Power reserve (/2) 1
Complications (/5) 0.5
Finishing (/20) 13
Dial finishing (/6) 4
Case finishing (/6) 5
Quality of garnishment / caseback engraving quality (/2) 0
Crystal quality (/4) 2
Clasp finishing (inner and extern) (/2) 2
Functionality (/20) 14
Diurnal legibility (/5) 5
Night legibility (/4) 3
Water resistance (/3) 1
Strap : ease of size adjustment + ease of substitution (/4) 2
Clasp : quality and safety (/4) 3
Additional items (/10) 5
Limited edition (/3) 0
Watch delivered with several straps (/2) 0
Quality of the watch box (/1) 1
Portability with shirtsleeves buttoned (/2) 2
Goodies included (/1) 1
Understandability of the brochure (/1) 1
Value for money (/15) 13
When to wear it ? To swim through the Channel
Users opinion
like this watch
Do you like this watch?

Rolex Datejust: A model born in 1945

Born in 1945, the Rolex’s stroke of genius was to propose the first automatic and totally waterproof watch with date, inside of  a rarely equaled pure and classic case.

As an owner of a vintage version (produced in 1969), I was able to compare it with its older sister.
After one-day test, my first impression was that this new version of the Datejust is really comfortable to wear.
Its 36mm diameter is not at all impairment since it perspires with a nice presence.
It has just taken a little stoutness, confirming the trend of the range.
And compared to its older sister, the difference of weight is significant.

A more massive look for the
Rolex Datejust 116200

Some may say that this difference is normal : a sapphire glass is heavier than plexiglas !

It is true ! But you would also notice that the lugs became larger and the addition of the new “Oysterclasp” strap definitely gives a more massive appearance.

This new clasp is strong and ingenious. A slight traction on the lever placed on the front is enough to open the buckle. Its finishing does not include anymore metal sheet, a disgraceful material for a watch of this level !

This new system, undoubtedly more secure, is on the other hand difficult to adjust alone. It’s a pity…I had to stop by my favorite watchdealer to put it on my size because wearing it in a chain bracelet style was not really to my taste.

At the end of the first day, I thus did not have any problems to take it off and to put it on my night table.


Very good legibility

At the second day’s small hours, a reflex glance to my watch enables me to effortlessly see appear 3:45 am.
Being used to ruin my eyes on my vintage, I appreciated the readability of the new dial.
The circled markers filled with luminova and the broadened hands are effectively doing their job.
I just have to fall asleep again, thinking that I still have four hours to sleep…

In the subway that takes me to my office, I notice some furtive looks towards my wrist.
This phenomenon happens again in my office.
Strange, I noticed that it never happens with my vintage.
After a small moment of reflection, I deduct that it is due to the polished look of the casing and the central part of the strap that must catch the eyes’ attention.

What to remember

Rolex succeeded the stroke of genius of reediting this Datejust.

It is perceptibly the same watch as the previous versions but with a difference in the feeling.
Even if you already have the vintage version, this one is not a doubloon within a collection.

In addition to its multitask side between the smart and chic sport looks, the proposed dial range is “infinite”. If you are bored of yours, you can change it (for a fee) and you feel like having a new watch.

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