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News Grand Seiko SLGH005 Hi-Beat Series 9: an ode to Nature

Inspired by the white birch forest next to the Shizukuishi studio, Grand Seiko delivers a high-frequency watch combining exceptional dial and mechanical performance. Live pictures, price, thoughts.

Grand Seiko: gorgeous inspired dials

At Seiko Watch Corp., which includes Grand Seiko and Seiko in particular, the environment – Japan’s nature, culture and traditions – is the main source of inspiration for the creation of watches.

This is one of the reasons for the originality of the Group’s watches, which is served by an impressive know-how in dial design.
The all-new Grand Seiko Series 9 SLGH005 Hi-Beat unveiled this morning provides another demonstration of this.

I’ll start with its dial, of course.
This time, Grand Seiko is inspired not by snow, stars, the Moon or the bottom of the oceans but by the white birch forest near the Shizukuishi studio where Grand Seiko mechanical watches are created.

To be continued below…

Discover the Grand Seiko SLGH005 Hi-Beat Series 9


Grand Seiko Series 9 SLGH005 Hi-Beat
A stunning dial

Keeping as always very jealously the recipes of his dials, I have unfortunately little information (or even none!) to give you on the subject.
Having however had the watch in hand and taken some pictures of the beautiful one, I am able to share my impressions with you.

Perfectly new, the dial of the Grand Seiko Series 9 SLGH005 Hi-Beat has a glittering silver surface with irregular relief.

So much so, that depending on the angle of entry of the outside light and its intensity, the dial of this automatic watch completely changes its appearance by offering a random alternation of bright and shaded surfaces.
The result is impressive.

Macro photo of the dial - Grand Seiko SLGH005

Grand Seiko adds prominent faceted applied hour-markers, and the imposing hour and minute hands displaying razor-sharp edges – features grouped together under the Series 9 Design name, of which Grand Seiko specifies, in its press release, that they will be omnipresent on the references of the Heritage collection in the coming years.
In fact, we have seen several illustrations in recent months with, among others, the very beautiful one Grand Seiko SLGH003 60th Anniversary or on the SLGH002 60th Anniversary.

The brand completes the dial of this new SLGH005 with its applied logo (which are levitating above the surface of the dial) and a black marking at 6 o’clock on which I come back in a few lines.

To be continued below…

On the wrist Grand Seiko SLGH005

Grand Seiko SLGH005 Hi-Beat:
Latest generation design and movement

Same observation on the case side with features from this Series 9 Design and which are no other than those of the SLGH003 previously mentioned.

Faithful to the Grand Seiko style defined by the 44GS model in 1967, this Series 9 Design case nevertheless has a more contemporary dimension than that of its predecessor.

Enhanced by Zaratsu polishing (this polishing is hand-made by the GS teams and provides a special shine and reflections without distortion), the 40mm-diameter case of the Grand Seiko Series 9 SLGH005 Hi-Beat features long, chiselled lugs that once again illustrate the extreme care taken by the Manufacture in designing the cases of its watches.

The alternation of surfaces and treatments is exemplary and offers a real spectacle to the discerning eye.

Elegant and sporty watch Grand Seiko SLGH005

Benefiting from a lowered center of gravity, this elegant watch with a sporty touch offers optimal wearing comfort, according to the press release.

To power its new model, Grand Seiko is using one of its latest calibers: the 9SA5.
Launched in March 2020 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of GS, here are the essential points concerning this latest generation caliber, which beats at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour.

First of all, it offers a very comfortable power reserve of 80 hours, which is well above the average of the movements (approx. 42 hours) and exceeds the current trend, which hardly pushes towards 70 hours.

Secondly, it features a double impulse escapement, a balance wheel without racket, and an angled balance-spring – these components, together with the innovative layout of the Grand Seiko 9SA5 caliber, enable it to offer greater resistance to shocks and friction and optimized precision performance.

To be continued below…

Hi-beat Caliber 9SA5 - Grand Seiko SLGH005

Grand Seiko Series 9 SLGH005 Hi-Beat:
My thoughts

In 2021, in which Seiko Watch Corp. will celebrate Seiko’s 140th anniversary, we will see a large number of new anniversary watches.

While this Grand Seiko Series 9 SLGH005 Hi-Beat is not precisely part of this jubilee, it is nonetheless a symbol of some of the company’s core competencies.

It also illustrates some of the directions it should take in the years to come.

This source of inspiration drawn from Nature allows Grand Seiko to offer once again a dial that look like no other.
Whether you like the one of this SLGH005 or not, it is an indisputable point: it is wildly original and benefits from a remarkable achievement.

Everything about the Grand Seiko SLGH005 Hi-Beat Series 9

Same observation on the case side which can, as with the SLG003, justify the acquisition of the model on its own.
I have always praised the design and production of the Grand Seiko cases, but not for nothing. I invite you, especially if you are not convinced, to make comparisons with the biggest houses in the watch industry by going to the source, at a Grand Seiko boutique or at your favorite GS dealer.

Finally, Grand Seiko has chosen its latest Hi-Beat caliber to power the SLGH005 – an argument that is sure to appeal to lovers of precision mechanics, especially since this new Grand Seiko is fitted with a sapphire crystal case-back!

More Grand Seiko novelties coming soon on The Watch Observer.
So stay tuned!

Technical Specifications, Retail price & Availability below…

Grand Seiko Series 9 SLGH005 Hi-Beat
Technical Specifications, Retail price & Availability

– Ref: SLGH005
– Steel case
– Dimensions = 40.0mm (Ø) x 11.7mm (thickness)
– Curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside
– Case-back with transparent glass
– Water-resistance = 100m
– Magnetic resistance = 4.800 A/m
– Dial evoking the forest of white birch near Shizukuishi studio
– Self-winding movement, Grand Seiko Caliber 9SA5 – Frequency = 36,000 vib/h – 47 jewels – 80 hour-power reserve
– Steel bracelet
Retail price = $9,100
Availability = end of February 2021

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